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Monday, September 8th, 2008 | other

Let me preface this by saying I haven’t made up my mind on who I’ll vote for in November…

I’m not a political party man. I guess you could say I’m an independent. While I have lots of friends and relatives involved in party politics, it ain’t my game. For one thing, I’ve never been much for following the crowd. And by being in a “party” it seems you immediately get lumped into a crowd, whether you are following or not. That’s not to say someone is a follower just by being in a party. I’ve met some local politicians who push the party pretty hard. That’s cool, I respect them, and vote for them too, but not because they are in a party.

What really bugs me, though, is when people assume I’m a democrat. Take for instance this whole Ralph Nader “spoiler” idea. That concept assumes that every vote for Nader would have automatically gone to a Democrat. It’s bullsh!t. If I wanted to vote for a democrat, I would have. I didn’t. I wasn’t voting “for” a republican, either. I voted for the person whom I wanted to win. And don’t say I’m wasting a vote. (I wouldn’t waste my vote on John Kerry.)

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One of the fundamental aspects of our democracy, I believe, is the right to vote for who you want to. Just

because the media, and millionaires, and the two-party system make it seem

like there are only two choices, there clearly are more than two. I think there will be seven choices for President on the ballot in Wisconsin. Who are they?Why do most people think there are only two? And who is controlling the access, in our democracy, to information about ALL of the candidates?

In order to get more choices than two, which is hardly a choice, there need to be changes in the system. Will the two parties take this on, or will they defend their status? It’s up to the people to make this change. I want my kids to have more than two choices on their ballot. It’s going to take awhile, and we can’t wait any longer. In order for that to happen, people need to step away from fear and start voting their heart and love. Who do you REALLY want to be in office. Look at the choices beyond the two propped up by money, parties and unfair systems (the debate commission is a private corporation owned by the repubs and dems – think they want to let Nader in to offer his plans? hell no) and VOTE FOR WHO YOU REALLY WANT TO WIN.

“You’re just wasting your vote, he’ll never win”. Just because someone loses, all their votes are wasted – is that what you’re saying? That means all the votes for all the losers are ALWAYS wasted. What a farce. A vote for Al Gore in 2000 was wasted just as much as a vote for Nader. Neither of them won!

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October 2, 2008

Sometimes I think that you read my mind. You write what I think. I know that sounds weird. Sometimes I wonder who you are because I think that I know you but then you surprise me. You should let more people in. You might like it. Mauricea

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