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Monday, May 30th, 2011 | family, food

My Grandpa Sylvester checks out his stuck tractor at his farm outside Eyota, MN

I’ve become more serious about farming this year. I’m still in the question-asking phase. What does it mean to be a farmer? To grow food? How much? What if you fail, are you still a farmer? Do you need to make money at it?

We have a family farm. My parents have 10 acres near town, and I spend at least part of a few days out there every week. Dad and mom do most of the work, but I help with planning and labor. The kids help out too. This year is a big experiment in cultivating and planting two acres. We have a tractor to help with some of the jobs, but most things are done by hand.

I think of my grandpa Sy a lot. I remember him as a hard working farmer, and he died working on a tractor. I think he was pretty successful as a farmer, raising a whole lot of kids and animals and food. I like this picture because it shows him vulnerable, making a mistake. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I’m making – mistakes!

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