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eggs for sale

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 | animals, family, food | No Comments

Along Priory Road just south of Eau Claire

A simple sign in the shape of an egg, high contrast, simple letters. Measured letters to be at a height easily read at 35mph.

We’re producing about a dozen and a half eggs per day. That’s more than our family can eat. We’ve found selling on the road an easy way to meet neighbors. Bonus for it being legal, too. We put our ungraded mixed colored eggs  in a cooler by the road with a sign nearby. Inside the cooler there is a brief description of the eggs and a suggested price. People voluntarily pay on average exactly what we would charge if we wanted to have a set price, which we don’t!

Today was the first day I put out our new sign. I sold a dozen before I could walk away from it. We sold out by afternoon.  We have enough money in the farm jar to afford a new batch of chicks for the spring. We hope to have 50 layers as a top end, which would hopefully be enough to break even.