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wild sisters

Sunday, July 18th, 2010 | food | No Comments

ramp and morelI pride myself in non-maintaining a good part of our urban yard. I “let it go” and welcome whatever shows up. A few years ago I planted some wilted, starving ramps (aka wild leeks) that were inedible, thinking it would be cool to have ramps in my yard. Every spring since, we’ve been blessed by ramps. They tend to pop up a week or so before the ones in the nearby forests, so I use the ramps in my yard as an indicator of when to go looking in the wild.

I heard years ago that mushroom hunters transport their harvest in a mesh bag in order to allow spores the chance to spread while out in the forest. Taking that as a cue, whenever we had morels, I would gently shake the mushrooms in the wild corner of the yard. I also discarded the funky chunks there. I can’t say for sure that the morel pictured here is a result of those actions, but I do find it pretty thrilling that morels can and do grow in our yard now.