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fixed gear, broken thumb

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 | transportation | No Comments

Hey, I fixed up my fixed gear! That’s a bike with only one gear and no freewheel. I normally use the old Peugot as a winter beater (no gears, no brakes, no problem!) with studded tires, but the frame has been hanging since a mid-winter blowout. So I put the “original” road handlebars on, an old avocet racing saddle from my MB-2 and away we go. Wait, I forgot to lube the chain, which is terribly rusty from the winter. And this is when I did the stupidest thing with a bike I’ve done gone and did since I led Aaron Rozeboom down a droppoff that resulted in his collarbone getting cracked (warning: description of gruesomeness ahead) So I get the wheel spinning real fast, which also makes the chunky rusty pedals move really really fast. I drizzle some white lightning on the chain, then bring up the rag to wipe off the chain. The rag gets caught on the chain and my thumb is pulled right between the chain and the spinning rear cogwheel. The cog instantly punctures and snaps my thumbnail in half and my thumb is whipped around the cog. I wrap the bloody mess in my filthy dirty/rusty/oily bike rag and run inside to my family, sitting calmly doing art in the dining room.

Well, I gave Olive a buck on the front of the fixie this morning, then rode it around town, and all is good. Except for my thumb.