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…and speaking of asses

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 | animals | No Comments

Last week we took cousin colton to visit the donkeys we help take care of up at grampa art and gramma vic’s. There is nothing like three donkeys screaming in excitement at your arrival. It makes you feel so damn special.

Donkeys are gentle, loving, slow creatures. These in particular are averse to quick moves, or really any touching or handling until you really pass the test with them. Semi-wild perhaps, or recovering from an abusive past (two were “rescued” from being tied up behind a bar at the corner of 124 & 64 most of their lives).

So sy and olive, and visitors, have to be incredibly gentle and slow in order to experience the first hand love that these donkeys provide. Usually we just visit with them, feed them a few apples or cookies. Both kids have also saddled up and gone for a ride, with helmets and two adults nearby (one leading the donkey, one spotting the kid) at this point, but soon hopefully on treks into the woods to explore nearby horse trails and backcountry campsites… we love our donkeys and think you will too. Ask me to demonstrate both my donkey call and my impression of the excited retort!