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up to my ass in sap

Friday, March 28th, 2008 | food | No Comments

It takes a lot of energy to concentrate the sweet beauty that is the lifeblood of the flowering plant aceraceae.

I thought having just a few trees with spouts would be manageable. It’s not. I’m currently overwhelmed with sap, boiling anytime I am home and not sleeping, on the kitchen stove, much to the dismay of all female members of my family that have witnessed my syrup shack aka the kitchen.

Warning: I almost killed my family by falling asleep while ‘tending the pot. Please take my advice, don’t fall asleep while boiling maple sap on your kitchen stove. If you do, you hopefully have a spouse that works late and will come to your rescue. I did.

I am super excited about spring. This is my third year syruping in the neighborhood. This is the first season of massive unending flow. The weather has been pretty much perfect since I drilled and tapped in the spiles of the silver maples in my neighbors yard and the red maple in our own yard. That was about a hundred gallons of sap ago.

“How much sap does it take to make Maple Syrup?”

Imagine a 55 gallon drum full of water. Or a bathtub. Set the barrel or tub on your stove, and boil the hell out of it for a few days until there’s like a tablespoon left. That’s what it’s like making syrup. And don’t forget, if you’re boiling inside, that’s 50 gallons of water being boiled into the air. If you have wallpaper in your kitchen, watch it peel.

Most people don’t boil sap at home. And if they did, they’d do it over a fire. Outside. Not an option for this here city boy.