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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 | animals | No Comments

I’ve long wanted animals here in town – chickens, goats, donkeys… I don’t care, just some friends to share our big lot. Neighbors have dogs barking and crapping all over, why can’t I have a cute little bird that makes food for my family? Or a sheep that mows my lawn and fertilizes my garden?

We’ve come one step closer to the urban ranch I dream of. It’s not perfect, but we’ve found some pigs that are legal. They aren’t the typical swine, though. In fact, they are close relatives of the porcupine and have little to no food value. They are pretty good at consuming food scraps, and their feces and bedding matter (recycled newspaper) should compost well.

Guinea Pigs. Named Rosette (scandinavian deep fried cookie) and Mole (like the sauce, not the rodent).