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cultural ancestry

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 | family | 2 Comments

Recently I’ve been interested in the history of my family. The Ehleringer side of my family has roots in Luxembourg. I have a strong affinity to this small country, and recently found this description quite fitting:

the Luxembourger “values roots, similarity and permanence,” is “slow, cautious, and serious-minded,” and is a “hard worker” who is “conservative and conformist at heart in spite of a cavilling, sneering and grumbling facade” (35). Christophory explains that, as the result of centuries of subjugation, the Luxembourger has “an instinctive hate for hierarchic organization and for military or pedantic reglementation” and that the Luxembourger is “a natural democrat, proudly independent and reasonably European” (35). Regardless of whether Christophory’s character sketch is generalizable to all Luxembourgers, it is useful in providing a sense of the metaculture of Luxembourg as it has developed over the centuries and as it has displayed itself in the metaculture of Luxembourgish settlements in the rural Midwestern United States, past and present. Determination, endurance, and independence–these have been and continue to be the watchwords of Luxembourgers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.