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I’ve posted an album of pictures from our Amtrak trip to California in 2009. Train travel is by far the most comfortable, fun and efficient way to travel with a family. And this is quality time. Nobody is strapped motionless to a seat for hours – everyone is free to roam at will. While we were certainly traveling in luxury with a family bedroom in the sleeper car during most of the trip, we also traveled coach and found the accomodations quite comfortable. The trip to California took us through Montana and the northern Rockies, and along the Columbia River gorge to Portland. Amazing landscape the entire way. We had enough time in Portland to ride the light rail, check out Powell’s books and a restaurant. The Coast Starlight took us to Sacramento, and featured a luxury lounge car with a high-tech movie theatre in the basement (well, not so high tech that I wasn’t able to help employees set up the movie). Amtrak staff were courteous and helpful throughout, and clearly enjoyed their jobs. Click on the picture below to see the album…

california 2009