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The Ringers - 2011 Rockford SHS Champion

Dave and Aaron Ellringer, the ringers.

The Ringers took a little field trip down to Rockford Illinois in May. My dad hadn’t been there since the 60′s, and I’d never been. We were invited to the¬†Swedish historical Society Kubb Tournament in Downtown Rockford. My friend Eric sent me narrated directions so we had a nice drive into town, seeing different ethnic neighborhoods and a few brownfields. Highlights were the Hells Angels clubhouse (apparently they still use bombing as a murder method) and an Italian restaurant named Capri. We played Kubb in a nice park and met a lot of great people from around the country. I liked Rockford and plan to go back because of all the great people we met.

The Ringers applied our berserker method of Kubb which remains successful. The berserker method means we play to win and take no prisoners. We exploit any and all weaknesses. And our goal is never simply to hold them back, but to make progress every round. Every round another kubb goes down or we aren’t satisfied. And if you give us a line, we’ll use it. There were a few challenging games but overall we cruised to victory, coming out on top of 48 teams to earn the Championship title of the second largest Kubb tournament outside of Europe.

I learn more Viking history every time I play. Now I know that the game of Kubb was spread throughout Northern Europe by the vikings early on . I’m pretty certain the village my ancestors are named after, Ehlerang, was named such for the “ringers” back in Luxembourg that probably destroyed other clans on the Kubb court hundreds of years ago. Those genes have been refined and passed down through generations. The Ringers are here to stay.